What is included in the lot rental fee?
You receive access to Liberty Landing's many amenities including spacious clubhouse facilities where you can host your own parties, swimming pool, planned activities throughout the year, storm shelter,  maintenance of the park's spacious greenspace, playground, off street parking, Lighted and city paved streets, and much more. Gated storage is available for a small annual fee.
Do you have rentals?

Liberty Landing is an resident owned community. However, purchasing a home in Liberty Landing will allow you the pride and privileges of home ownership for a cost comparable to a rental.

What if I dont have the best of credit?

Financing for manufactured homes works a little differently than a standard mortgage so don't rule yourself out.  There are several places where you can  apply online for loan pre-approval for your dream mobile home.  We are aware of 21st Mortgage, MountainSideFinancial.com, ChattelMortgage.net, CreditHuman.com and FinancialServicesUnlimited.com, although you might find others. 

How much do I need for a down payment?

Usually lenders require between 10-25% down but it will be up to each financial institution.

Are children allowed?

Of course-!  We are an all-ages community.  Kids love our playground and swimming pool.  We are in the AAA-rated Liberty School District.

What about pets?

We are pet-friendly. You may have up to four animals.

What does it mean that Liberty Landing is a Cooperative?

Our Bylaws and Community rules require that all residents pass a criminal background check and maintain their homes to ensure a safe and beautiful community for all residents.  All incoming residents will be required to join membership and purchase a share in the Cooperative at the cost of $350.

Why is living here better than an apartment?
  1. It's YOUR home.  You own it.  You can plant a garden, paint the walls, decorate the kitchen, and celebrate having a home that belongs to you.
  2. You're building EQUITY.  With apartment living, you'll never get back one cent in the rent you paid.  In a Liberty Landing home, you're making an investment.
  3. You're NOT SHARING WALLS with your neighbors.  Even though we screen every applicant that wants to move into Liberty Landing, we still think all four walls should be yours. 
  4. There's more PRIVACY.  You won't be stacked on top of your neighbor and listening to footsteps on the ceiling above your bed.
  5. You can have a STORAGE SHED on your home site, just a few steps from your front door.
  6. A manufactured home is all on ONE FLOOR.  You don't have to climb up three stories to get to your apartment.  Homeowners with small children, wheelchairs and walkers LOVE our homes.
  7. NO BASEMENTS to flood.
  8. NO SCHLEPPING LAUNDRY up and down to the cellar, either.  Liberty Landing homes have utility rooms located on the same level with all your other living space.
  9. Liberty Landing is RESIDENT OWNED and operated.  We care about our residents because we're here.  We have on-site management available 24 hours a day and beautifully maintained parks, playgrounds, a storm shelter and community room.
  10. The SUN SHINES more brightly and BIRDS SING more sweetly in a manufactured home community -seriously! You have your own yard, flowers, bushes and trees to look at every day.  Who can say that about an apartment?
How much should I budget for utilities in the home?

Water, trash and sewer are provided through the City of Liberty and can average between $80 and $100 per month.   Electric and gas through Evergy and Spire together average $175 to $200 per month, depending on the size of the house and age of the system.


If you have a question that isn't listed here, feel free to contact us!