We would love for you to consider joining one of our committees.  We are all in this together.

Here is a summary of what each committee does.  If you are interested in joining or just knowing more, fill out the form and the committee chair will contact you.

Social and Wellness Committee-  This committee plans and hosts all of the Cooperative events.  They identify ways to make a positive difference in the wellbeing of the members of our community.   The committee also drafts the monthly newsletter and sees that it is printed and distributed via posting at the mail houses, home delivery, and also through email.

Property Conditions Committee-  Meets Regularly- This committee helps prioritize the Capital Improvement Work and propose vendor relationships to the board.  They also idenitfy future Capital Improvement needs fo the community.  Lot upgrade requests are reveiwed by this committee.  

Financial Projections Committee - Meets on an As Needed basis- This committee talks about how the financials are looking vs. the budget and helps the board plan for expenses for the year.  This committe may also be asked to review budget overages and propose budget cuts in other areas to the board. 

Marketing and Infill Committee - Meets on an As Needed basis - This committee discusses how to market available homes and how to fill vacant lots.  This committee makes recommedations about how to remedy any  abandoned homes in the community.  They would also review and recommendations regarding the suitability of any home that someone is wishing to move into our community.

Pool Maintenance Committee - This committee helps with the upkeep of the pool.  We are specifically in need of volunteers who are willing to close the pool at 10pm, clean it, and check the chemical levels.  The cooperative will pay for the required Pool Chemical Certification that is required by Clay County.

Clubhouse Cleaning Committee - This committee would work to deep clean the clubhouse on a monthly basis.  This would include things like vaccuuming all of the floors, knocking down cobwebs, wiping down all of the surfaces, cleaning out the fridge, and anything else that might need to be done to keep the clubhouse in a clean condition.